GAINSBOROUGH DRIVE   Scope: New Construction. 2,498 Square Feet.  Status: Complete.  The lot for this contemporary residence was extremely constrained by its physical shape and size, a water course flowing through it, an endangered species habitat, and very strict local zoning ordinances. Given these constraints, the solution was to insert the house minimally into the hillside, which maximized the lots' potential and reduced its impact on the surrounding landscape and its appearance of outward mass. The residence is 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, in 3 stories.    Completed by Horst Architects; Keith Messick, Project Manager.
  RUBY PLACE   Scope: Remodel. 3800 Square Feet.  Status: In progress-Construction.  Originally constructed in 1947 at only 631 square feet, this 6 level beach side residence was remodeled in 2003 to 3800 square feet. The new owners would like to update the traditional look and re-skin the home to give it a more contemporary feeling. The first phase will be to replace the doors and windows. Several of the openings will be enlarged as well. The second phase will involve replacing the clapboard siding and adding new stucco with stone accents.
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  LA VETA AVENUE CONCEPT-MICRO-UNITS   Scope: New Construction: Unit 1: 350 Square Feet / Unit 2: 550 Square Feet  Status: Concept  This project was designed during the last housing boom (2000-2005). With housing prices rapidly escalating on a daily basis, this project was an answer to a problem that was becoming more common: Affordable housing/living.  Two residences were designed for this 0.11 acre infill site. Both units have garages and are three levels. These two units would be combined such that a total of 7 units, 5 of one type and 2 of the other, would be on the site.  The first unit contains a single car garage and a total of 350 square feet. The second unit had parking for two cars and is a total of 550 square feet. While the total living space is small for these units, the floor plans were extremely flexible to address the need for multiple activities in all spaces. Both units also have ample deck space.