Permeable Driveway / by keith messick

This residence has only 640 square feet of living space.  That's everything and that's it.  The owner wanted to utilize her landscape to provide additional living space.  The resulting design created additional "rooms" where she could entertain as well as relax.

One of the challenges was that the existing driveway, required by the building code, was overwhelming, imposing,  and simply an eyesore.

Existing Driveway

The issue, here, is that the City requires that the residence maintain a driveway and carport.  To get around this requirement, reduce the amount of concrete, and increase the landscape, we utilized a product called EZ Roll by NDS

EZ Roll by NDS

EZ Roll by NDS

After we poured the walkway... 

Walkway being poured

We laid in the EZ Roll...

EZ Roll placed next to the walkway

Then we carefully filled in with landscape...

EZ Roll with the landscape inserted into the spaces between the pavers

And that's how you hide a driveway.  We reduced the imposing amount of concrete, added more landscape to the yard, and complied with the City's requirement by retaining the functionality of a driveway.

The finished "driveway"