Project Update-Franklin Avenue / by keith messick

The owner of this project is managing the construction as owner/builder.  Thus, the project is likely to move a little slower than a project scheduled by an experienced general contractor.

After having run into some issues with the first excavation contractor, the owner is back on track and moving forward with the excavation and pouring of the foundation.

Rebar cages sticking up out of the cassion holes

The entire rebar cage length is too long to install in one piece.  Thus, they are installed in two sections.  A hole is cut in the floor above and the steel cages are dropped down into the holes with a crane.  

The first section has already been installed in the ground and the concrete poured around them.  The second section has now been placed on the first section.

While the overall structure is not large, the hillside is very steep.  Each caisson has a depth of about 25-30 feet into the ground.

While much of the reinforcing steel is in place, there is still a great deal that has to be done before concrete can be shot.  All of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing details that go into this wall still have to be worked out.  There is also a cantilevered concrete staircase that hangs off of the wall.  This stair will be formed around rebar that has been attached to the wall in the exact location where each stair tread will be.  


Black and white rendering showing cantilevering stair on first level