The Latest Trends in Residential Design / by keith messick

Trends Are Plentiful

You don’t have to look very hard to find “the latest design trends”. Someone is always professing that they have or want to reveal the next big trend. There is no shortage of advice on this topic.

The hype is distracting. Chasing trends is a loosing proposition.

Clear and Simple. A Philosophy.

Design is a process that should be active, thoughtful, and logical. It requires investigation, examination, and analysis. It results in a series of choices. It is not a passive process that comes from external, non-related sources.

The key to good design is to keep it simple; with a clear vision. There should be a relationship between your personal philosophy and the spaces around you. Your design choices should reflect this.

More design is not necessarily better design. Less usually results in more. Given the choice between simple and complex, simple is always better.

The execution of this strategy is important. Many wonderful ideas are ruined by poor execution. If your ideas cannot be clearly communicated or expressed, it may be better to choose an alternate method of exhibition/execution or try to distill the ideas further.

Ultimately, clear and simple design combined with restrained palettes, natural materials, and quality construction produces timeless architecture.