Project Update: Ruby Place / by keith messick

Construction is underway at Ruby Place.

This residence is to receive a new skin of smooth stucco and stone veneer.  All of the doors and windows will also be replaced. 

View from every front facing window / door. At every site meeting, one must pause and take in the beautiful ocean view.

The major change is taking place on the third level (Living Room).  The entire front wall will be removed and replaced with a folding wall of glass.  The folding door will meet in the corner (corner column will be removed) with a folding window.  When both of these are open, the Living Room will open and extend seamlessly onto the deck.

This door and window will be replaced by folding doors. The current 9 foot sliding door will be replaced with a 18 foot folding door. The entire front of the residence will be a glass wall.

Rendering of proposed folding glass wall.

The photos above show the demo in progress. The walls are being stripped, getting ready for smooth stucco and stone veneer.